Sunny 104.3 Interview  Intro
Walter "Clyde" Orange & Craig Deanto
Public Service Announcement
Voice For The Children - Marianne Malky
Debut on LiteRock 99.3
D.J. - Sabrina
WMEL Radio Ad For CD
Diana Lynn & Craig Deanto
WMEL Interview Promo
Sean Hannity Intro & Music From CD
Lite Rock 99.3 Interview  Part 1 of  3
"Who Hears The Cries" CD background
Lite Rock 99.3 Interview - Part 2 of 3
"Who Hears The Cries" CD background
Lite Rock 99.3 Interview - Part 3 of 3
"Til They Come Back Home" song play
Sunny 104.3 Interview  Part 1 of 6
Walter "Clyde" Orange & Craig Deanto
Sunny 104.3 Interview  Part 2 of 6
"Who Hears The Cries" song play
Clyde explains reasons for the project.
Sunny 104.3 Interview  Part 3 of 6
"Ribbons of Hope" song play
Callers jam switchboards!
Sunny 104.3 Interview  Part 4 of 6
"It's a blessing; it's just all a blessing."
Sunny 104.3 Interview  Part 5 of 6
Callers describe their emotions to the lyrics
Clyde adlibs a song
Craig explains reasons for CD project
Sunny 104.3 Interview  Part 6 of 6
"They Are They Children" song play
"This CD should win a Grammy, it should win everything!"
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