The song you hear playing is "Adopt An Angel" written and performed by Craig Deanto. All Rights Reserved, Copyright 1999©

Each year from 1998 through 2001 Craig would honor left-behind parents of missing children by singing "Who Hears The Cries" with them at Candlelight vigils at the White House in Washington D.C. Craig felt moved to write another song about three little pink, yellow, and blue ribbons in January 1999. Thus the "Ribbons of Hope" ©1999 song and campaign were born. That was to be among many in a series of the most moving and heartfelt songs about divorce, abducted children, and custody that will ever be heard. As the parents and supporters sang the choruses along with him, the tears began to flow as his words reached deep within them as well. Throughout the years of vigils, he shared hopes, fears, and a des to change a world saddened by child abduction and unfair custody judgments. It is with this sharing and what has given him this voice to so eloquently tell so many tales of pain and loss, as well as hope, through his music.
Let me begin this story by sharing part of a letter that I got from Craig shortly after he had to send his children back from one of their visits........

"I walked past the empty rooms of my children tonight, having had 
to put them on a plane. At times I see that awful night in the 
beginning of all of this when I had to drop my daughter off at 
"home" in the evening and she came running back out of the house 
and grabbed onto my car door screaming "Daddy, daddy!"

“I see the parents holding candles with unstoppable tears for their 
stolen children. I see the children's faces on the banners and 
posters; I see the desperate messages from desperate and overwhelmed left-behind parents. Yes, I do see the smiling faces of recovered children and a bright future for all of us, and to the success we are and will receive in a big way and use it as messengers and the voice for the children. I have been given the gift of creating songs, music, and voice. A CD with some members of The CommodoresTM - who would have ever even dreamed this? Me, a father with 
everything lost, and you, a woman whose health was stolen. Spread 
across the country a 1,000 miles in each direction. We make others 
laugh. Touched by angels! The goodness and success will provide the path to justice and expose those who have been evil and dark - I 
know it."
On Father's Day June 1999 Mr. Deanto stood at the entrance to the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. and sang the songs for the children. He was applauded by the U.S. Capital security and he and the children were invited inside to the Senate and House Galleries. After this appearance, in September 1999 he was invited to sing for the children at a ceremony at the Old Capital building in Tallahassee, FL hosted by Governor Jeb Bush.
Lost, emotionally broken, torn away from the children he longed to hold so dearly, Craig was forced to stay at inexpensive local hotels, trying to maintain his job and still be close enough to see his children as much as he could. After living in a six figure home for years, that he was the sole financial benefactor of, providing the dream life for his family that he worked so hard and honestly for, he was essentially made homeless. He had done nothing wrong. His only fault was that he was a male, a loving father. Constant tears flowed from this loving father's eyes, and sob's tore through his very soul until he did not think he could bear another day. He had to though; he had to find a way to be strong for his children. One day, driving to an area that he once loved to visit with his children, carrying with him his guitar that he played off and on through the years, writing songs simply for his own hobby, the angels reached down and cradled Craig's heart in their golden hands. He began singing as his eyes filled with tears, the emotions of what he had been put through coming out in chords and lyrics. The words, "Who hears the cries of the little children, telling all those lies to the little children...Never knowing when, you'll ever see them again, pray for them...the little children" sprang from his lips. The pain rushed forward as the words for many songs started coming to him, or actually came from him. This was the beginning of Craig's healing, though he did not know it at the time.

Mr. Deanto is a recording artist of many wonderful songs such as "Circle of Seasons" ©1974, "Warm Sands"©1974, "One More Day"©1974 -all rights reserved- and several others. Mr. Deanto struggled with a prolonged custody battle for the love he has for his beautiful children. He has set out to work towards changing the draconian system and cavalier government agencies, through song and music, in order to help the children and parents who are devastated by divorce. Mr. Deanto led the parents of missing children in the inauguration of the first White House candlelight vigil for the children in May 1998. He again led at the May 1999 White House candlelight vigil with the world-renowned song "Who Hears The Cries", and consecutive trips in 2000 and 2001. In December 1999 he became a key supporter and lobbyist for "Vivian's Law" along with John Trout. There are now so many beautiful songs to his credit such as; "Ribbons of Hope", "Who Hears The Cries", "Til They Come Back Home", "To the Roll of the Dice", "Commando's, Radio's, God Knows", "What You're Doing to Me", "Questions in Your Eyes", "Children of Divorce", "Long Distance Lover's", "Adopt an Angel", "Free the Children", "Vivian", "Angeline", "America, Her Flame Carries On", and many more: ©1997,1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 all rights reserved. Mr. Deanto has completed the new CD "Who Hears The Cries"©2001 in tribute to the missing children and children of divorce.
Craig Deanto and GoldTone Records have now released the CD, "Who Hears The Cries"©2001, produced by Grammy Award Winning Walter "Clyde" Orange of The CommodoresTM in conjunction with Goldroom Productions & Co., Inc. The CD features performances by recording artists Craig Deanto, Kim Thomas, Mikael Manley, Frank Cornelius, Thomas Dawson, Andre Williams, Ronald G. Smith, guest vocals by Walter Orange, and other wonderful artists. 
The CommodoresTM is a trademark of Commodore Entertainment Corp.

"Who Hears The Cries" CD now available!!

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