Beautifully exciting Pop music with a powerful message. DANCE TO IT! SING TO IT!


Produced by Grammy Award Winning Walter "Clyde" Orange of The CommodoresTM, well known for songs such as "Brick House", "Nightshift", and many more. 

The CD, "Who Hears The Cries" is dedicated to all the families and children who have lost each other through the court system and to those who are separated from each other for many other reasons. It crosses boundaries from urban to rural, soul to country, pop to gospel. The most balanced, soulful, and heartfelt songs, ever. A powerful messenger and voice for those who cannot be heard. 

 This CD will be enjoyed for many generations.

Wait until you hear these incredible songs on your own stereo system! From the precise and moving vocals, to the instrumentals, to the powerful and moving narration, it's sure to reach the hearts of millions. Every sound track put together and arranged to be #1 on the hit charts! Top musicians in the world, even a well known in the industry, recording engineer, Rick Camp, flown in from Los Angeles to FL, a continent away, combined with the best of the best local engineers, just to be sure that the finest multi-track mix-down was made possible.


Craig Deanto's work as an advocate for children grew out of his own experience with divorce. Not only was it painful for him, he was able to observe the devastating impact of divorce and abduction on children. Rather than be destroyed by the experience, he chose to learn and to keep moving forward. At first stumbling and searching, he began to distill the essence of his pain and what he had learned into music.

Mr. Deanto has been featured in several newspaper and magazine articles as well as television news. Singing at candlelight vigils at the White House, US Capital, Florida State Capital in Tallahassee and conferences for missing children. His dedication and passion to bring awareness to, and improve the lives of children and families affected by divorce and missing children has brought the talent and support of many others, such as; Walter Orange, Kim Thomas (entertainer from Miami's famous South Beach area), Mikael Manley (lead guitarist of The CommodoresTM), Frank Cornelius (very talented and of music fame), Thomas Dawson (of The CommodoresTM), Andre Williams (Miami area rap artist), Ronald G. Smith (a revered South FL Saxophonist), Rick Camp of Real Tyme Productions, Inc., Creative Images of Brevard, Inc. (really cool artwork and graphic layout company in FL), Craig Bailey (professional FL newspaper, front-page, photographer), Jim Roberts (air brushing's finest), Robert Levin Productions, Inc (New York television producer - you've seen his work on TV many times) and Suzanne Brawley's celebrated and striking websites.

This CD was made in hope for a tomorrow when all the cries are heard.

Together this extraordinary project became possible!

Free the children, set them free.
Home, where home should be.
Airbrush artistry by Jim Roberts
Montage on opening page by Octavio Diaz with the Florida Today
Studio photographs by Craig Bailey
Candlelight Vigil photographs by Robert Levin Productions, Inc.
All photographs copyright©2000 Craig Deanto
All Rights Reserved
May not be copied, reproduced, or used in any manner
Unauthorized Duplication is a Violation of Applicable Law.

"Who Hears The Cries" was produced, arranged, recorded and
edited at GoldRoom Productions, Inc. by Walter "Clyde" Orange.
Additional percussion: Walter Orange
Studio Engineer & Pre-Production Mix: Frank Cornelius
Final Mix and Mastering: Rick Camp of Real Tyme Productions, Inc.
Los Angeles, California (tracks 1-5)
Frank Cornelius (tracks 6-8)
Additional Mastering: Master Media of N. Miami

Artists and Performers: Craig Deanto, Kim Thomas, Walter Orange, Mikael Manley,
Frank Cornelius, Thomas Dawson, Andre Williams and Ronald G. Smith.

CD Layout: Creative Images of Brevard, Inc.

"GoldTone Records" is a trademark of GoldTone Records 

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