I'm happy to tell you I did receive the CD just over a week ago and haven't stopped listening to it yet  :-)  (Things around here are pretty hectic and crazy and I've not had the time to sit and write any e-mails to anyone.)  I wish I could convey my thoughts into words better..... all I can say is "I truly love the songs on this  CD".  In a similar but different way, I know Craigs feelings, the heartbreak and anguish, the worry and fear.....I've been there myself, so these songs really touched home with me, very deeply. (Note for Craig: Something truly gigantic and wonderful will come of you and all his efforts.  This CD is going to go places! )

The Friday afternon I received it, I opened it immediately and played it over and over again.  I cried through each song and still do when I play it.   My 4 year old granddaughter was home when I received it and she's now  learning the songs!  She even asked if I would bring it to her pre-school so her friends could learn the songs too.  She and I sit together and sing along as it's playing.   

I must tell you, after listening to it over and over again, these are songs I'll never tire of hearing  :-)  Each and every song has such deep emotion in them.  I could hear the pain and anguish in Craig's voice, but yet those songs gave me the impression that there is hope for changes in our judicial system.  Let's pray it happens soon for the sake of the innocent children and their suffering parents.

May the Almighty Higher Power give all those involved with saving these children the strength to carry on!

God Bless!


P.S. feel free to pass this on to Craig and anyone else who may want to read it.
After meeting Craig Deanto at my first Missing Children's Conference and Candlelight Vigil in front of the White House and watching him pour his heart and soul out into his song 'Who Hears the Cries', I can tell you that I couldn't wait for his CD to come out.  I've had a chance to hear it several times and do not tire of the soothing music, the powerful message enclosed in it and the fact that it is the power of a father's love for his children bursting out from these lyrics.  I was moved to tears by the words, the sounds, and especially knowing the hard work and passionate emotions that brought this CD to fruition. It's what people call a 'feel-good' item!!!  I have and will continue to recommend it to everyone I meet along my way. 

Marta S. Lewis

Marta also sent this note out to her own mailing list about the CD:

Hi guys

I met Craig DeAnto back in 1999 at the second Candlelight Vigil in front of the White House, while he sang 'Who Hears the Cries of the Little Children'.  He also worked closely with BaddTeddy back when Ribbons of Hope was just an 'idea', which later became the ribbons, the song and the campaign.  Now, Craig, together with Walter Orange (of The Commodores fame), has put together a CD aptly named 'Who Hears the Cries'.  I've purchased it and it's beautiful.  Craig is the father of two children whose decision did not favor him, and the songs and words in this CD describe the pain and frustration that a left-behind parent must feel when placed in this situation.  But, they also show a man who overcomes that pain everyday by doing something about it in order to heal and help others in the same situation.

I wanted all of you to know it's out and available at CDbaby.com and at Amazon.com, if you wish to purchase it and show your support.



   Just a message to let you know how much I was impressed by your CD, titled "Who Hears the Cries". I especially enjoyed listening to the instrumental songs featured on cuts 6 and 7. I highly recommend this CD to all the children, parents, and relatives who have been affected by divorce.


Sharon Rivera
Melbourne, FL.
I feel so blessed to have been involved in a part of this project via my websites. When I first heard Craig's songs, it was very clear to me that the world needed to hear them, and the stories behind them.

Now there is this amazing CD, produced by the musical genius, Clyde Orange from the Commodores, who also heard the magic in these tunes. Paired with the sultry voice stylings of Miami South Beach's own Kim Thomas, Craig creates a new style of music that makes you want to dance, sing, and even cry with him. When the CD ends with his magnetic voice telling you why this CD happened, you find yourself wanting so much more!

From the first notes & lyrics sliding your way in "They Are The Children"©2001;

"When your world seems to crumble around you.
And nothing seems to go your way.
Just lift up your head and keep on movin'.
Don't let the bad things penetrate. No, no."

... Down to the loving voice of Craig Deanto on "Home, Where Home Should Be"©2001, your own world and thoughts will vanish as you literally feel the music and words.

The CD was officially launched at the Motown Cafe at Universal Studio's Florida this week, and the crowd was so moved that the CD will become a standard there now! They were dancing, singing along, and stood in line to talk with Craig about his music all night long.

Hear what has Florida buzzing this week, and what will soon be heard on radio stations around the world. Buy your own copy of this CD, made with love for families and children everywhere! I promise it will be in your CD player for a long time to come.

Suzanne M. Brawley
Heartfelt Message and Performance!

Reviewer: Robert A. Fromtling from New Jersey

What a wonderful performance of a heartfelt message! A finely engineered production of easy listening, bluesy music conveying deep, emotional messages on the value of children and how the court system often mishandles these innocent bundles of humanity.

The music and voice production is smooth, convincing and a joy to the ears. Even more convincing are the deep-felt, thought-provoking lyrics by Craig Deanto, an individual who lives the experience he expresses in each song, including the concluding track in which he personally conveys his message and hope.

This is a moving production that warrants repeated play on the air and in the heart of all who really care about the children.
A Parent's Cry, March 20, 2002

Reviewer: Sheila from Upstate NY in the Adirondacks

I first heard Who Hears The Cries two years ago in Washington,DC. We were standing in front of the White House and the night was stormy, lightning flashing over our heads and we were soaking wet. It was fitting, stormy skies. . .stormy lives.

While listening to Craig sing this song, I realized that it's not only the childrens cries, but the parents cries that need to be heard. Whether by divorce or abduction, separation from one's children is the worst torment a loving parent can endure. Hopefully changes can be made in the system. It was on this night that I was honored to share with many parents the emotions that they feel and let them know that people really do care.

Please, listen to all the words on this album. Then also, hear the emotions portrayed here. Understand what the parent and child are feeling.

Sheila M Douglas
This came in from Cyndi as a special birthday note for Craig:

Happy Bithday!  I do hope all your wishes come true for you!  Never stop dreaming your dream.... for without that dream, your wish may never come true!  

Every day I listen to your CD, that I won through the contest Suzanne was running.  Every time I hear it, I cry...still!  Its a wonderful tribute to all missing children everywhere in the world!  Thank you for putting them first in your life...You're a blessing and one of those "special gifts" for sure!  

Big Birthday Hugs,

Amazon Review - Five Stars
Who Hears the Cries, April 28, 2002
Reviewer: Joseph R Howard from Southern California

This a good CD that illustrates the plight of left behind parents who's children are kidnapped by the other parent. The system is still broken, and as it stands today the parent that kidnaps the children in a divorce gets it all!! Custody, Child suppport, the bank account, being backed by the broken judicial system that prevents the other parent from ever seeing her/his child.

What Craig Dianto shows in this CD the way it is! Perhaps his humanitarian efforts will bring the children home. For now, those of us who don't know where our children are can only pray and battle the judicial system.


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