"Who Hears The Cries" CD had it's official debut at the Motown Cafe at Universal Studios Citywalk in Orlando, Florida!

Not only was this the first place to openly play the CD, but they now regularly play Craig's CD in their lineup along with such classic hits and award winning songs by The Commodores, Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Diana Ross and The Supremes, and many more.
Here is a summary of what's happening for the "Who Hears The Cries" CD, April - May 2002

* We are very honored to announce that the Veteran's Mobile Museum is now playing the "Who Hears The Cries" CD alongside the Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall and travels to Veteran's ceremonies, schools, parades, and other events. http://www.themovingwall.org.

"The Veteran's Mobile Museum is more than just an exhibit, it is a rolling memorial to those who have given so much, many who never returned home. The museum is a place to preserve these sacrifices and memories. It demonstrates to the visitor that freedom has not been free, it was paid for by those who served."

*  We are very proud that on May 11th, due to the continuing success and positive messages of the CD, we have been invited by the Brevard County Florida Sheriff's Dept. to be part of the National Police Memorial week at the Melbourne, FL Regional Mall. There will be several departments of law enforcement paying tribute to those who have lost their lives protecting our freedoms. Supported by WMEL radio, we will be broadcasting live. It has been one of our dreams while working in the recording studio, that we would be able to use the notoriety to help organizations for missing children. We are happy to report that a prominent organization, Voice for the Children, from West Palm Beach, FL will be present along with several parents who will be able to get more attention for their plight to find their missing children. Imagine what it's like not knowing where your child is tonight.

* WMEL 920 AM the "Talk To Me" radio station and Craig Deanto broadcasted live from the Cape Canaveral Seafood Fest on March 23, 2002. Listen to WMEL for; The Mick&Company morning show featuring Bill Mick and Troy Ford, our nation's president, George W. Bush Saturday morning weekly radio addresses and nationally acclaimed radio personalities such as; Sean Hannity, G Gordon Liddy, Duke and the Doctor, Clark Howard, Michael Savage, Bob Binker, Neal Boortz, and soon to be added Bill O'Reilly!

* Craig Deanto was interviewed on the Dave and Mindy "Lite-Rock Wake-Up Call" morning show on WLRQ lite-rock 99.3 FM (Clear Channel Communications) on Thursday March 21, 2002 at 7:50AM along with the song "Til They Come Back Home". This station reaches Florida's Space Coast and Orlando. Thank you Dave&Mindy, Jeff Mckeel and Lite-Rock 99.3FM!  http://www.wlrq.com/main.html

* Sabrina of WLRQ Lite-Rock 99.3 FM (Clear Channel Communications) has played "They Are The Children" Instrumental on the Lite-Jazz brunch show. Sabrina's introduction of the song/CD was absolutely beautiful! Listen for Sabrina's shows at 9am - 3pm and her lite-jazz show on Sunday mornings. Thank you Sabrina!

* In an unprecedented arrangement, WMEL and GoldTone records have produced a professional radio commercial, the station itself will soon be selling the "Who Hears The Cries" CD, on the air!

* WEAT SUNNY 104.3 FM (Infinity Group), West Palm Beach, FL - to be rescheduled.

* OasisCD will be sending out their coveted sampler CD to 100's of radio station executives in June. It includes our song "Who Hears The Cries".

* Universal Studios Citywalk - Motown Cafe, Orlando - plays the CD on a regular basis to the dinner crowds along with Motown classics! Thank you Motown!

*  Barnes&Noble of 700 Rosemary Ave., West Palm Beach, FL features the CD on special display in the Pop-Rock section. Thank you Barnes&Noble!

* Craig Deanto and WMEL will be broadcasting live from the Regional Art Fair on April 27 and 28th from beautiful historic downtown Melbourne. WMEL cares about the children. Thank you WMEL!

* Thank you Wendy, a Wooer, for volunteering and gaining attention for the CD and children, now working towards radio airplay with Clear Channel Communications in Lexington, KY.

Thank you for your support for the "Who Hears The Cries" CD. It is now getting radio airplay and enabling us to get radio and media coverage to not only talk about the incredible production by super-stars, but as hoped for from the inception, these professionally produced pop songs are providing a method to raise awareness for the issues of divorce, custody, and abduction facing millions of children and parents.

We would like to invite those who have heard the CD to write a review. It may be posted on The Fans Write section on our website. 
E-mail to: goldtonerecords@craigdeanto.com

Creative Images of Brevard, Inc provided the layout and artwork for the "Who Hears The Cries" CD pamphlet and cover. 
As shown on the front-cover page of the USA Today paper, April 9, 2002, approximately 22 million of the 72 million children in the USA live in broken homes. 16 million live with their mother with no father, 3 million with the father and no mother, and 2.9 million with neither parent. That's almost 1/3 of all children in the USA live in broken homes! Considering that each child has (or had) a mother and a father that's approximately 66 million people directly in broken homes. Of the 50 million children that live with two parents - many of those are actually with a step-parent. Who hears the cries of all these children and families? And this is only in the USA.
Statistics of the living arrangements of the 72 million children in the USA
Palm Bay Elementary Invites Craig Deanto To Career Day 2002

For their annual Career Day on May 8, 2002, the Palm Bay Elementary School invited Craig Deanto to speak about his experience in the music industry.

Speaking throughout the day to several music classes, Mr. Deanto was surrounded by wonderful children, politely asking him questions and for autographs. Some of the students even mentioned that they had already heard him on the radio.

The students heard songs from the new CD, "Who Hears The Cries", as well as a radio promotion for it. They had questions about how things work in a recording studio and during the actual recording session, what goes into writing songs, as well as the process of manufacturing the CD and marketing it. Craig reinforced the need for the students to continue their education, including college as he and several musicians he works with have, so that they will always have a solid career while working towards their dream.

The final class of the day had a lot of fun rocking to the pop tune, "To The Roll of the Dice".

By the end of the day, the school was buzzing about their special "pop star" guest and the school plans on playing the CD over their loudspeaker system. 

Mr. Deanto very much enjoyed the day at the school and thanks the staff and all the children of Palm Bay Elementary for inviting him!
After years of speaking against the unfair practices within custody courts, Craig Deanto and others gain the ear of the Washington Times!

Read this ground breaking article here: "Divorce Lawyers Say Jurist Is Biased"
News Surrounding Craig's CD and Ongoing Social Work
Craig interviewed LIVE on Universal Radio 7, June 2007

Show hosts Steve and Monica Donofrio asked Craig to share his experience of divorce; how he became a spokesperson for the children with no voice in the custody battles which determine their fate. Listened to online by numerous fans, "Wooers" and friends, it was a wonderful, heartfelt story which no doubt touched all the parents who have experienced a challenging divorce or are facing the JUDICIAL SYSTEM'S CHOICE in an upcoming custody battle.

While Universal 7 is changing their site, past show's audio files appear to no longer be available. However, Suzanne Fromtling with WooWebDesigns is working towards providing a smaller, downloadable audio file. Check back, or just watch in Suzanne's newsletter, "The MailTruck" for a release date along with any future interviews by Steve and Monica!
Craig had this to say: "I am honored that my new Veteran's Jingle and 'Til They Come Back Home is being played at the Vietnam Moving Wall Veteran's reunions. We salute our veterans sacrifice and courage. Thank you for our freedom and valor you've earned.
Veteran’s Jingle
By Craig Deanto
Copyright October 1, 2011
US Library of Congress
All rights reserved

Verse 1
Salute our veteran’s
Sacrifice and courage
Thank you for our freedom
And valor you’ve earned

Verse 2
Support and respect
Determined endeavor
Veterans fought together
Once … forever